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Operations And Pricing

OPERATIONS are carried out in either conventional (fixed-wing) or helicopter aircraft. The latest image-stabilized photographic equipment is used to enable us to capture the perfect shot under all conditions. AAA also uses GPS satellite navigation technology together with an advanced computer mapping program to identify and fix objects to be photographed. Each proof is assigned a serial number from which the below-listed products can be ordered. This file will be maintained perpetually to permit future orders at any time.



Show a prospective customer the property, the whole property, and nothing but the property.


From Little Big Horn to the Big Apple, every town looks better from above.


Every board room should have an Aeroportrait within gesturing distance of the boss.


Show progress (or lack of it). Assist with planning. Capture ground-breaking or completion.


An Aeroportrait converts a house into a castle. It is, by far, the least expensive method to enhance the image of your property.


Groups of 5 proofs

4" x 6"

Min. 3 sites


Travel to site, per mile




8 x 10


11 x 14


12 x 18


16 x 20



Other sizes avaliable at 25 cents per square inch.

Professional Photography by Above All Aerophoto
Professional Photography by Above All Aerophoto

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