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About Us

Above All Aerophoto grew out of a long fascination of aviation and was formally organized in October,1998. Years ago All American Aviation, presented a twice daily airshow in the form of an aerial mail pick-up. A young lad could hardly not be impressed with the sight of a low flying mailplane, dropping and fetching mailbags without even landing.

Today the triple A logo, inspired by All American, has returned to the skies of the Northeast, this time to deliver visual messages of this fascinating planet to individuals and businesses of the region.

Along the way, many thousands of photographs have been generated, some of which have won awards from the International Professional Aerial Photographers Association and have been featured in various publications. The singularly most historic of these images was a series taken of Manhattan on September 9th, 2001, probably the last photos of the World Trade Center from 7,500 feet before the tragedy that followed 44 hours later (top right).

Aerophoto operates from the Springfield Airport in Southeastern Vermont. It is a full time operation, answering only to client requests and the weather. The company utilizes the latest technology in image resolution through image stabilization as well as camera formats to generate picture perfect results.

Professional Photography by Above All Aerophoto

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Professional Photography by Above All Aerophoto
Professional Photography by Above All Aerophoto

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